Guitar Lessons Amstelveen

By the fragility of the velvet sound, the guitar is one of the most delicate musical instrument; easy to carry on with you everywhere, it assures you the possibility of joy and instant playing anywhere.

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The guitar is a nice opportunity to train musical skills. With its warm and pleasant sonorities is a unique way to spend your free time.

At AIMS Guitar lessons can register anyone older than 6 years.

AIMS offers music lessons both for children and adults.

We do have guitar lessons for all levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced.

Guitar lessons are personalized for each student individually.

At the guitar lessons you will do the following things: playing at first reading, recognition and reproduction of sounds and musical fragments, technique, repertoire, harmony, improvisation, etc.

Beginner level: musical notes, notions of rhythm, basic technique, form and main musical skills.

Intermediate Level: repertoire, practicing skills, perfecting technique.

Advanced: refining instrumental interpretation, phrasing, expression.