Violin Lessons Amstelveen

The violin, charming by its wonderful sound, always lets itself discovered along the time, not showing its beautifulness from the very first moment, but encouraging the student to use attention, focusing and practicing in order to get the most beautiful sound and agility day by day.

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The violin lessons are for those aged over 5 years, with no upper age limit.

Along with the violin teachers AIMS, students have the opportunity to try a professional working method through which playing the violin becomes pleasant and easy.

At AIMS you can take violin lessons for all levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced.

Beginner level: learning proper position to play the violin free strings, top positions, melodies.

Intermediate level: continuing learning positions, reading notes at first sight, refining the sound, interpretation, technical exercises, sound accuracy, learning the playing double strings etc.

Advanced level: deepening technique, interpretation refining, expanding the repertoire etc. On request we can make chamber music lessons and accompanists.

At AIMS violin lessons you will learn: correct position, free repertoire adapted to age and level, technical exercises, reading at first sight, etc.