Amstel International Music School

Music Lessons for all ages and all levels

We created Amstel International Music School, with the aim to offer the possibility to all people, regardless of age or musical background, to experience music in a practical way, by singing, or playing musical instruments by one to one music lessons or by group music lessons in which people can play together.

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Benefits of learning to play a musical instrument

few of many reasons why you should learn to play a musical instrument

Improves Your Memory and IQ

Music lessons help to improve IQ and to develop verbal memory, reading skills and mathematical skills

Builds Confidence

The arts and music lessons specifically, are unique in their ability to help improve confidence in people of all ages

Relieves Stress

It is a well-known fact that music makes you feel calm and relaxed and playing an instrument relieves stress and anxiety

Enhances Your Coordination

Music lessons can improve hand-eye coordination because the brain has to translate notes it see's the act of playing them

Makes You More Creative

According to research, people who take music lessons are found to be much more creative and imaginative

Playing Music Is Fun

Playing a musical instrument is fun and you get to express yourself through sound and make music with friends

Amstel International Music School

music lessons for all ages and all levels

At Amstel International Music School, we offer the possibility to attend one-to-one music lessons or group music lessons. The music lessons are held mainly in English or in Dutch but also in other languages, according to the availability of the foreign languages spoken by the music teachers.

Individual music lessons have the following advantage: the teacher gives the full attention to a student and personalizes the lesson according to his skills and

Group music lessons offer students the opportunity to sing together or play the same musical instrument with other students with the same passion and musical level.

We strongly believe in the benefits brought by music to children and adults and in the power of it to help people discover the sense of being in harmony with themselves, expressing their inner self through music, as a universal language.

Choose Your Class

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Piano Lessons

By its harmonically distribution of possibility of playing the sounds together, the piano is the most complex musical instrument; we encourage all people to develop their synthetical apperception of the vertical distribution of the sounds by learning to play the piano.

Guitar Lessons

By the fragility of the velvet sound, the guitar is one of the most delicate musical instrument; easy to carry on with you everywhere, it assures you the possibility of joy and instant playing anywhere.

Singing Lessons

The voice was is and will be always with us, our own “musical instrument”, built in; let’s find the proper way to use our voice and to discover the possibilities of the instrument within ourselves.

Violin Lessons

The violin, charming by its wonderful sound, always lets itself discovered along the time, not showing its beautifulness from the very first moment, but encouraging the student to use attention, focusing and practicing in order to get the most beautiful sound and agility day by day.

Amstel Musical Instruments Shop

choose the musical instrument fit to your heart

Knowing how important is to have an appropriate musical instrument that fits your needs, according to your musical development, we have created Amstel Musical Instruments Shop, in order to make sure the persons who are contacting us about music will have the best attention and personal approach.

Working daily with the musical instruments, we experienced all brands in all price ranges, therefore we are able to recommend you, by personalized approach, what would be the best investment according to your needs, aims, etc.

You can purchase from us musical instruments (pianos, violins, etc.) as well as musical accessories and music scores and books.


Piano Lessons

Piano is the most versatile keyboard instrument. The piano lessons are open to all music amateurs, regardless the age or the level.

Guitar Lessons

The guitar lessons are destined to all music lovers and to those who want to acquire the art of playing this instrument, regardless of the age.


Canto Lessons

The canto lessons are destined to all those who want to acquire a healthy and correct vocal technique and learn how to sing.

Violin Lessons

Along with our teachers, students have the opportunity to try a professional working method through which playing the violin becomes pleasant and easy.